Dear The IG Club customers,

We have installed our call centre for better performance and more customers satisfaction.

Please note that our numbers are now changed to be one hotline
012 1083 7777

السادة عملاء ذا آي جي كلوب،

حرصاً منا علي تقديم خدمة أفضل تم عمل كول سنتر برقم واحد و هو ٠١٢١٠٨٣٧٧٧٧

شكراً لثقتكم و نعدكم باستمرار التطوير و تقديم خدمة أفضل



Planning to study abroad? Joining AUC, NGU, NU or Zewail University? 

Get prepared for IELTS through The IG Club! 


Senior 17? the door is still open for our Barcelona Seniors trip! Join us now.


If you are an IGCSE or A-Levels student looking for a reliable source for studying with a lot of explanation and examples, then you are looking for TEXTBOOKS!


Registration is now OPEN for FREE for the IGCSE Football Tournament 2017! 

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