10 Private Universities fees

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Academic year 2015/2016

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Prepared by: Donia Osama ( The IG Club Team – Donia.Osama@theigclub.com )

Future University in Egypt ( FUE)


Business Administration 30,000 EGP

Dentistry 60,000 EGP

Computer Science 30,000 EGP

Economics and Political Science 30,000

British University in Egypt (BUE)


Business, Economics and Political Science 42,500 EGP

Dentistry 56,000 EGP

Engineering 53,500 EGP

Computer Science 25,000 EGP

Nursing 10,000 EGP

Pharmacy 53,500 EGP

Nile University


Business Administration  47,250 EGP

Engineering 51,600 EGP


Heliopolis University


Business Administration 34,000 EGP

Engineering 44,000 EGP

Pharmacy 44,000 EGP


Misr International University (MIU)

miu campus

Business Administration 34,000 EGP

Dentistry 46,000 EGP

Engineering 34,500 EGP

Computer Science 29,000 EGP

Pharmacy 39,000 EGP

Mass Communication 34,000 EGP

Alsun 29,000 EGP


Ahram Canadian University (ACU)

acu campus

Business Administration 23,000 EGP

Dentistry 45,000 EGP

Engineering 34,000 EGP

Computer Science 20,000  EGP

Pharmacy 42,000 EGP

Mass Communication 25,000 EGP


Arab open University (AOU)

aou campus

Business Administration 15,660 EGP

Language Studies 15,660 EGP

Information Technology and Computing 15,660 EGP


German University in Cairo (GUC)

GUC Campus

Management and Business Informatics 87,880 EGP

Engineering 87,880 EGP

Applied Arts 68,370 EGP



Business Administration 35,600 EGP

Dentistry 55,600 EGP

Engineering 41,900 EGP

Computer Science 30,800 EGP

Pharmacy 45,940 EGP

Alsun 24,400 EGP

Applied Arts 37,600 EGP


American University in Cairo ( AUC )


Fees estimated to be 140,000 EGP per year for Engineering Major


All the above information are true according to our knowledge and are collected from Digital Media, Admission offices and share by our partners with us. 

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