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Subjects that usually IGians opt to take in November sessions

Yara Mohammed ( Academic Advisor- The IG Club)


Hello IGians, If this is your first November session or even your second one. Don’t make it a big deal. It’s easy and simple.

There are about 4 Subjects that usually IGians opt to take in November sessions. Which are

  • ICT (information and communication technology)
  • Accounting Olevel
  • Art and design
  • Maths AS

So for those who are taking ICT ..  you should know that it’s one of the easiest subjects in the IGCSE system that you can get a high score in. ICT needs practicing in paper 2 and 3 which are the practical papers that you use the computer in. when you finish any part in the practical syllabus, ask your teacher to give you some questions that you should answer when you go back home to make sure you understood that part . so when your teacher finishes the syllabus. Hopefully you will solve a whole exam in the pastpapers. When it comes to paper 1 (theory) .. its so simple. People claim that its an obstacle and its totally not! .. just listen and concentrate quite well in the class. And read that part when you reach home. at the end of the session you won’t be missing anything.


Here’s for Accounting Olevel, Sure you heard that it’s one of the hardest subjects which will handicap your vacation and blablabla.. but if  you learn the rule of the game, then you’ll play better than anyone. First of all, STUDY YOUR NOTES WELL! .. Don’t try to solve problems without studying because you will find it hard and it will discourage you. So study quiet well and then start practicing. Solve the pastpapers with all the varients .. If you’ve the chance to attend extra classes. DON’T EVER HESITATE!!


ART enables us to find ourselves. You’re so lucky you’re taking art and design in November session because you’re not as busy as june. Don’t panic, you’ve time to finish your study sheets. Just work hard and don’t postpone your work for tomorrow, you know it never comes.


MathsAS, you know mathematics is not only about solving problems, its also for dividing sorrow. Subtracting sadness. Adding happiness and multiplying love and forgivness. MathsAs’ syllabus is easier than MathsOlevel, HOW? MathsAs is just about to mean minors which are (pure and mechanics)

Concentrate, UNDERSTAND the rules don’t just learn them. PRACTICE a lot!! .. Don’t panic .. it’s 10% what you experience and 90% how you respond to it.





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