A message to Sen15rs

It’s your last year wearing school uniform,

It’s your last year  with your friends whom you all know and the next year you are moving a whole new life and you will know dozens of new people.

However your senior year can be the best ever and it can turn out to be the worst!

In the beginning  of your senior year you will have really great plans for your senior t-shirt, prom and graduation but they all get ruined due to lack of communication between you and your colleagues!

First in order to make anything you and your senior colleagues must set a specific date to meet at school and everyone should be informed either by SMS or by calls.

On the day of the seniors meeting which must have at least 50% of the class, seniors must first agree to form an organising committee by elections.

Organising committee varies from 3 to 7 which depend on the number of seniors in a class, and the usual ratio is 1:50 (one organiser for each fifty seniors).

Seniors who are willing to be part of the organising committee should consider that they must have enough time  so they must be having one or two subjects or it would be even better if they are having a gap year.

Senior who is part of organising committee must have leadership skills and the ability to convince others with his/her plan, also the organiser must be sociable and has no conflicts with others that might make it difficult to make decisions or communicate with others.

Back to HOW TO CHOOSE THE O.C. (Organising Committee)

Seniors who are willing to be members of the O.C. should tell others through social media and other communication tools why should they be selected for this role, and on the meeting day seniors who are willing to be O.C. members will put their names on voting cards and each senior will choose the O.C. member discretely and put the votes in a box.

Like all elections, the seniors who will get the highest number of votes will be selected for the O.C. position.

However, being selected as an O.C. member doesn’t give you the right to be the only decision maker but you must discuss all the matters with your O.C. colleagues and other colleagues who voted for you and who didn’t.

This is what comes in mind for now.

If you have any question concerning any issue you can consult me in person through my email



Noor El Din El Mahallawi (IGCSE’08)


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