About Us


  • Connect IGCSE students and graduates.
  • Provide students with professional academic advising.
  • Raise the awareness of IGCSE among community.
  • Help IGCSE students to join universities abroad at UK.
  • Provide consultations for IGCSE schools and schools willing to provide IGCSE with better service.
  • Launch awareness and charity campaigns that involve IGCSE students and graduates to serve the community as a whole. Commitment to help in saving our planet’s environment and spreading peace.


  • We intend to connect all IGCSE students, graduates, teachers and centres globally under the umbrella of one organisation.
  • We aim to help humanity through raising generations that can change the world to be a better place.


  • Activating leadership Through our activities we develop the leadership skills and potentials in IGCSE students.
  • Integrity: We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions.
  • We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals.
  • Striving for excellence We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality services through creativity and innovation
  • Acting sustainably We act in a way that is sustainable for our organisation and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.

Our academic values obliges us NOT to:

Recommend any school to parents or students joining IGCSE.

Recommend examinations board or favor one over other Recommend any university to any student or parent.

Promote or advertise for private tutors in any way.

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