Admission steps for AUC

Prepared by: Nour El Masry (IGCSE’20) 

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How to Apply For AUC Application Form:

  1. Applications are submitted online only through AUC’s website
    Application fee: $90
  2. After completion, the student will get a receipt which has the student ID number as well as other payment details.
  3. Required documents can be scanned and sent through email or submitted to Student Service Center, AUC New Cairo, Gate 1. Whichever option you choose, you must include your student ID number on any email or documents you submit.

Required documents:

1) Essay (typed or handwritten): How can you benefit from an education at AUC? (300 – 500 words) (undergraduate applicants only)

2) Two recent passport-size photos

3) Instructor references (recommended but not required); obligatory for nondegree students

4) Official secondary transcripts or mark sheets IGCSE (Copies of slips with a fresh stamp from school or the British Council).

5) Proof of Years of Schooling

Holders of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) must submit one of the following to prove that they completed 12 years of elementary and secondary education:

  •   Grade one final report and year by year proof. Reports must include years of enrolment.
  •   Copy of a complete Egyptian Idadia certificate, showing clearly the year of enrolment.
  •   Copy of a complete Egyptian Ibtedaia certificate, showing clearly the year of enrolment.
  •   Official report of enrolment in grade one (national system) from the education zone of the school where the student was enrolled and year by year proof of enrolment in primary and secondary education.

    An enrolment certificate from a school is not considered adequate proof; submission of one of the documents listed above is required

    6) Copy of TOEFL or IELTS test results.
    Applicants who will sit for the TOEFL are required to

    print the online scores at the Student Service Center 7) Females only:

 Copy of computerized birth certificate or new Egyptian passport

Egyptian males only: Male applicants whose file lacks the following will not be accepted:

  •   Photocopy of Egyptian identification card
  •   Original computerized birth certificate
  •   Applicants born in or before the year 2000 are

    required to submit an original military service card (bitaka askaria) or evidence of military status

    Non-Egyptians only:

  •   Photocopy of passport (no acceptance is granted without the copy of the passport)
  •   Proof of financial support (bank statement, sponsorship letter, etc. for $36,000)
  •   Completed and signed International Student Data Form

    General Requirements for Holders of GCE, GCSE, IGCSE Certificates:

    •   AUC requires eight GCE, GCSE or IGCSE subjects for admission consideration. However, applicants must submit all certificates and their candidate number to ensure that the University calculates the scores using the highest eight subjects.
    •   AUC gives preference to students who have completed advanced supplementary subjects.
  •   AUC accepts minimum grade of C to satisfy the eight subject requirements at the ordinary or advanced supplementary level, and a minimum grade of D at the advanced level.
  •   AUC accepts the highest grade in subjects taken more than once.
  •   AUC counts the highest grade in subjects completed at both the advanced and/or advanced supplementary level.
  •   Applicants who have completed advanced-level subjects with a grade of B or more may be granted transfer credits.
  •   Preference is given to applicants who have completed three years after idadeya or 12 years of primary and secondary education.

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