An Official Statement by The IG Club

The IG Club is an organisation that aims to develop and enhance the IGCSE community in Egypt and the Middle East. Founded and managed by IGCSE Alumni, who strongly believe that the British Curriculum is the best educational system in the region and that it is the main foundation for creating region’s new leaders and shaping its future.


The IG Club is has a proven record of success; being the most popular on-ground organisation that is recognized and highly appraised by thousands of Students and parents; specially in Egypt. From planning their sessions to academic advising and joining universities to organising sports and cultural events.


The IG Club is not affiliated with any other official organizations and does not favor any over the other. The IG Club team is only meant with the prosperity of the students and their success. Based on that essence, The IG Club continuously issues updates and statements to students and their parents; only mentioning proven facts and figures with absolutely no bias or favoring.


We, at The IG Club, have solid belief that every IGCSE student in the region deserves having the absolutely best Secondary and College education possible. We are keen on helping to make that happen.


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