Announcement by the General Administration of Computer and Information Technology

ICT & Computer Science

ICT and Computer Science until this moment has been considered as one subject, however currently there are announcements that they are not.

Based on the last announcement by the General Administration of Computer and Information Technology that these two subjects are different in the syllabus, and therefore; they cannot be treated as one subject.

Even though, this announcement still needs the confirmation of the Supreme Council of the Universities in Egypt, this is a positive step since the same procedure was taken in the case of Human Biology and Biology and the case of English Literature and English Language, and both are now recognized as separate subjects, so hopefully the same will happen with Computer Science and ICT.

The IG Club asked ICT and Computer Science teachers about their opinions, and all of them believed that this one of the very important steps that should have been taken long time ago.


Mrs. Amina Dessouki – Stars International School:

Mrs. Amina stated that Computer Science and ICT are completely different subjects, since Computer Science is more about technicalities and programming, and it is very suitable for students who are seeking majors like Computer Science and Computer Engineering.



Dr. Ayman Haggag – Manaret El Farouk Islamic School:

Dr. Ayman believed that this decision needs to be activated by the Supreme Council as soon as possible because a lot of students are waiting for this.





Mr. Moustafa El Komy- Al Bashaer International School:

For Mr. Moustafa, it is an important step that also should have been taken earlier, as a lot of students are willing and have the capacity to register for more technology related subjects, without being worried that it would be considered as one IGCSE subject only.







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