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Arabic – First Language CIE (0508)

This syllabus is designed for students whose first language is Arabic. The syllabus works on developing the studeArabic booknts’ ability to communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively. Students will be learning how to apply a variety of vocabulary, and use correct grammar as well as spelling and punctuation. Students are expected to develop a personal style of writing and an awareness of the audience being addressed. Reading is an essential component of learning. Students are strongly encouraged to read for their own enjoyment and in order to draw inspiration from the different techniques of writers.

There are two papers that candidates take: Paper 1 and Paper 2, each paper is worth 50% of the total grade. Paper 1 is based on reading and comprehension, candidates are expected to answer two questions. Each question is worth 25 marks and offers passages for the candidate to read. In question 1, the candidate is expected to answer a series of questions based on the passage they read. In question 2, the candidate is expected to write a summary based on two passages. Paper 2 is based on writing, the candidate is expected to write two compositions of 350-500 words each.

Candidates can sit for these exams during the June and November examination sessions.

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