Study Artificial Intelligence at BUE

Why Artificial Intelligence Major in the BUE, Informatics& Computer Science Faculty.

In an attempt to help IG students, explore various opportunities, the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the British University in Egypt has recently launched officially the Artificial Intelligence Major on this academic year 2020.

After the ICS students finish two years in the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, they are going to be able to join the Artificial Intelligence major (on semester six), where they will become professional programmers, by working on their skills to become artificial intelligent specialists.

The major is offering the following subjects for students to learn, such as:

– Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

– Introduction to Data Science

– Machine learning.

In addition to studying very specialized modules in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence for Robotics System and Natural Language processing.

BUE Artificial Intelligence graduates will be able to understand and effectively apply main artificial intelligence and robotics knowledge to solve different real life problems intelligently and effectively.

The world is heading toward Intelligent application in all fields, these applications will assist graduates to solve real life problems in their working fields in such areas like:

– Medicine

– Agriculture

– Traffic control

-Air traffic and all kinds of control systems and energy from manufacturing.

The Faculty of Informatics and computer science has already hosted Egypt Robotics Competition “City shaper – Egypt Champion ship” for two consecutive years, and also organised the Annual Artificial Intelligence Competition as well as, Game Design competition & organising the International Scientific Conference on Artificial Intelligence and robotics control.

This Faculty was established since the inauguration of the British University in Egypt, and still  continuing with the success of such a programme by providing students a dual degree, validated from the Higher Supreme Council of Private Universities and London South Bank University, UK partner.




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