Credit Hours System! What is it?!


Well I don’t know if it applies to every single Credit hours system in Egypt or not but I will write about Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University


What is Credit Hours system?

Simply you are required to get done with 180 Credit hours system in a minimum of 5 years and maximum of 10 years.10659197_872386602772297_1500981806997499310_n

What is the meaning of a “Credit hour”?

Credit hour is a unit that gives weight to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken.

The number of credit hours for each course is 2 or 3 credit hours so you are having almost like 60 courses during university.

How is my academic performance measured in the credit hours system?

Academic performance is measured by GPA.

GPA is a number with a minimum of Zero and maximum of 4.0 where if you got straight As you will get a 4.00 and if you got straight Ds you will get 1.00

So apparently just passing a course is not enough as if your GPA got less than 2.00 you will be in trouble and you got get dismissed from university if you kept below 2.00 for more than 4 semesters!

If you want to know more about GPA you can google “GPA Calculator” and you will be able to know.

How many credit hours am I going to study per semester?

If you are supposed to finish university in 5 years you will study 18 credit hours per semester, unless your GPA gets lower than 2.00 so you will study only 14 which means that more than semester below 2.00 will definitely mean that you are going to graduate later than your friends!

What are the differences between credit hours system and the regular one?

Mainly credit hours system programme needs more attention and work throughout the year as 60% of the grading depends on course work (which is not that easy, course work is about quizzes and midterms not saying good morning to the professor every morning)

Passing in credit hours system requires scoring 60% or more unlike the regular system which is 50%.

Classes in credit hours system freshmen year are in English unlike the regular system, but starting from second year all is taught in English.

Departments in Credit hours system are different than departments in regular system where you can’t find metallurgy or medical engineering department in credit hours system, so before applying make sure that you know what you really want.

I tried to list all what came in mind and I hope I could help you!

Good Luck People J

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