Engineering- Credit hours system – ASU

Credit hour  is the time taken  for the course to be accomplished. Ain shams university offers credit hours system  for engineering  in the following majors:

  1. Environmental Architecture and Urbanism Program
  2. Computer Engineering and Software Systems Program
  3. Building Engineering Program
  4. Communication Systems Engineering Program
  5. Manufacturing Engineering Program
  6. Mechatronics Engineering and Automation Program
  7. Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering Program

A maximum of 21 hours is registered per semester (if the GPA is above 3.5) and a maximum of 14 (if the GPA is less than 2.0). On average 18 credit hours is registered per semester and a total of 180 hours must be completed during  10 semesters.

Ain Shams Credit hour System fees:

Course Fees1500 EGP/1 Credit Hour
Semester Fees25500 EGP
Yearly Fees51000 EGP


East London University Dual Degree:

Ain Shams University offers a dual degree program with university of east London where  the student earns dual certificates from  Ain Shams University and East London University. In addition to a discounted price if the student wants to have a year abroad at the East London campus.

East London University Dual Degree Fees:

Registration Fees “Paid Once”600 Euros
Yearly Payment500 Euros/Year

It’s applicable to have a year abroad at the east London campus

East London campus fees:

A year abroad fees11.000 Euros/Year

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