English Language Reading Programme


Minimum entrance level: B1 (Placement test)

Course duration: 8 Classes ( 16 hours)

Class frequency: 2 classes/week

Course objectives:

  • Objective 1: Develop key reading sub-skills such as identifying the main ideas of passages. 


  • Objective 2:  Identify basic genres (fiction, nonfiction, etc.)


  • Objective 3: Develop vocabulary of items in texts through focused class activities; understanding the meaning of words, their definitions, and their context.


  • Objective 4: Identify grammar tenses and their use, and identifying language used; improve accuracy in basic usage of high-frequency language items.


  • Objective 5: Develop the ability to identify functions of sentences (e.g. add information, compare, contrast, explain, give a cause, give an effect, etc.)


  • Objective 6: Develop detailed reading skills through answering comprehension questions and the finding of information in texts.


Course fees: 1200 EGP

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