German University in Cairo

GUC aims at attracting a selection of academically outstanding, dynamic and creative high school graduates. To this end, based on the GUC admission evaluation process, students will be ranked and classified according to the following categories, each of which will have a specific deduction in the tuition as described in the scholarship section.

  • Tuition for Academic semester
  • Other Fees
  • Payment procedures
  • Remarks

Tuition for Academic Semester

The following table describes the tuition equivalent to Euro to be paid in Egyptian pounds or Euro Per Semester for the academic year 2016/2017:

GUC Tuition Fees (New Comers) Academic Year 2016/2017 (Per Semester)

“Applied to all New undergraduate students starting 2016-2017”
Study GroupCategory ACategory BCategory C
Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Management
(كليات الهندسة – الصيدلة – ادارة الاعمال)
EUR 3,715EUR 4,375EUR 5,050
EGP 35,715EGP 42,090EGP 48,445
Applied Arts
كلية الفنون التطبيقية
EUR 3,985
EGP 38,385


Other Fees

  • A non-refundable GUC evaluation tests fees of 450 EGP to be paid at the time of submitting applications during Early and Regular Admission.
  • A deposit of 2500 EGP or 420 Euro as insurance for use of labs (refundable at the end of academic studies after deduction of damages).
  • Management students applying for Technology-based Program: Choosing the technology-based program entails extra study of 30 hours corresponding to one additional semester that will be calculated on the basis of Category “A” tuition level to be paid in installments of LE4,100 or 620 EUR per semester for the chosen technology-based Management major for 5 semesters.


Payment Procedures

  • Pick up the Payment Order from the students’ Financial Affairs office.
  • Proceed to the CIB-branch in Building B2 at GUC Campus for payment or to any o ther CIB branch.
  • Students who pay outside the CIB-GUC Branch have to return back the bank slip to the Students’ Financial Affairs Office before the deadline.
  • Paying with expired payment order or after the announced deadlines will not be considered.
  • Any payment at CIB-Bank without GUC payment order is invalid.
  • Only certified CIB checks or bank drafts are accepted as check payments (the check must be endorsed by the Students’ Financial Affairs office before payment takes place).
  • Students who pay through bank transfer MUST send a copy of the swift to the Students’ Financial Affairs Office.
    Fax: (202) 2 758 1041
    Tel.: (202) 2 7590663
  • The transferee must cover any service charge arise by the bank transfer.
  • The full Name, application number, study group and “attention Students’ Financial Affairs Office” MUST be written clearly on the copy that will be sent.
  • Any bank transfer will not be considered unless a copy of the swift is received by the Students’ Financial Affairs Office.
  • The University will not be held responsible for students transferring money to a wrong study group account.



  • Students receiving categories “A” and “B” scholarships will maintain their scholarship so long as their overall GPA is better than 3.5.
  • Tuition and fees are announced at the beginning of each academic year for the new entrants. However, for those already enrolled, tuition and fees might be slightly increased between 5% and 10% annually.

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