How to plan your career and know what you really want

By: Hadeer Mahmoud (The IG Club Team Member – KSA )

How to plan your career and know what you really want:

Running out of time? Haven’t figured out which career suits you best?! Take a look at these few steps that might shed light on your future career.

In order to know the career that suits you best; it’s advised that you form a “pre list”, grab a blank paper and a pencil and note down those 3 points:

  1. Professions that you find interesting and might have imagined yourself leading them.
  2. Professions that you will never think about and cannot imagine yourself leading them.(just not to confuse yourself with)
  3. Things you tend to have fun doing them in your free time

You will probably find some common things between number 1 and 3 but it is necessary to write both separately because number one could be any profession you are interested in but not necessarily enjoyable to you. Once you are done with this list you have to do some research, you can start with basic online search. Write down the job description for each profession in numbcareern move on to field research, at this point you have to talk to people working in the profession, they could  your elder friends , relatives or any of your parents friends. Some schools do field trips and Profession Day; this could be a golden opportunity for you to have a closer look.

Now you are able to compare the information you have collected with your own personal qualities. Make a short list of two or maximum three professions that match your qualifications and personality. You will definitely find that the professions you picked are the same as things you enjoy doing. The research you have done will help you make a decision that is more solid and mature; since you have taken future job opportunities and finances into consideration and not only based on the subjects you score highest in! The point of this whole research is to find the career that won’t make you feel that it is a must-do boring job!

Hopefully this gave you an idea on how to pick your career! Isn’t it time for you now to choose your A levels and start studying for real? You have a dream, and you have to put all your energy to see it glow in front of your eyes!

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