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ICT Practical Exam Tips


IGians taking ICT this session, I’m Salma and i’ve been in your shoes last November session. I’m sharing this with you because it might face any of you. While working on my computer, all of a sudden my computer went off and i couldn’t turn it back on. I ask for a technician and he solved the matter and Luckily, I found all my work saved due to my auto “saving buttons” mode 😀 .. So in short, Save your work step by step and keep your nerves cool so you can still focus on the rest of the paper ! 



    Students sitting for the ICT practical exam tomorrow, here are some valuable tips regarding the exam troubleshoots provided by an expert ICT teacher.

First of all, whatever happens, don’t panic! To avoid any data loss, save your work (Ctrl+S) after each step. If you face any critical problem, ask for the ICT examiner assistance. ALWAYS check your print preview before giving a print order and make sure you give yourself enough time for printing as you won’t be given any extra time. Remember, if the internet service is down or not provided, use Microsoft Outlook, it works offline.


On your exam night, make sure you’ve resolved the previous 2 sessions exam papers. Never use a website or a blog as your ICT notes during the exam. Check the validity of your email account and finally, have some good sleep!

Now, Best of Luck IGians :)!

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