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IGCSE: Hard work pays off Cheating harm you the most

The nonstop three years of IGCSE have gone, and I am going start my new college life in a few weeks.
It was a great experience and being an IGCSE student is privilege that I am thankful for despite the fact that I have actually spent two summers going from the home to the centre and vice versa , forgetting even the smell of sea. Also, getting depressed and over loaded before the torture finals was kinda the life style. The British education system taught me not to cheat, how to think differently, how solve problems I’ve never seen them before because they care much about “understanding” than “memorizing”. They taught me how to really work hard because it will pay off later.. your 2 am studying, your keenness of doing homework on time and your concentration at lectures won’t go nowhere, but they only will help to make the A* land your report. I believe that “Hard work pays off”, “cheating will harm you the most”. Finally, The real happiness and excitement is the day of results when the As and A*s shine your report.


Sarah Ahmed – IGCSE’15 

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