The IG Club Football Tournament 2018

Join our Football tournament NOW for the sparkling chance of winning the prize of 5,000 EGP.

The IG Club is organising the Third IGCSE Football tournament for IGCSE Students ages from 15 to 18.

  • Place: Al Bashaer School – Zahraa Al Maadi
  • Starting date of tournament: 16th of February 2017
  • Days of tournament: 16th and 23nd of February
  • Tournament times: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Number of participating teams: 16
  • Duration of tournament: 2days

There will be prizes for the first 3 teams:

1st: 5,000 EGP, Trophy, golden medals

2nd: 3,000 EGP, Silver medals

3rd: 2,000 EGP, bronze medals


  • Each team will receive t-shirts with their numbers, school names and sponsors printed on.
  • Each player will receive a certificate from The IG Club for participating in the tournament.
  • Each team will have a room for changing and to keep their belongings inside while playing.
  • The IG Club will secure the premises of the tournament using whatever is necessary to ensure the security of the players and audience and prevent any riots inside the school before, during and after the games.
  • The IG Club will ensure the presence of first aiders, doctor and ambulance all the times of the event.
  • All games to be recorded and broadcasted LIVE online on The IG Club website.
  • Daily reports with photos and videos attached to be written and posted on The IG Club’s website and social networks which includes all what happened throughout the day and the games.
  • The IG Club will contact different local and international media to cover the event.
  • Participation fees: 250 EGP per player.

    Book now your place and get a special rate 200 instead of 250  before 15th of December.

Step up to the plate by signing up for the tournament through or by calling us at 01210837777
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