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IGian entrepreuners launching “RESCUE” SOON!

An Egyptian startup is launching a mobile application ‘’RESCUE” to fight sexual harassment and Rape in EGYPT!

‘’ The Egyptian startup is connecting women in danger with saviors in nearby locations through a voice order, all you have to do is say the word ‘’ RESCUE’’ and help shall come in no time’’

Shadw Helal; a fourth year Egyptian medical student and ‘founder’’, and her Partner Doaa Said, a fifth year Egyptian Dentistry student, gathered a team of college student geeks and geniuses to make that application come to life.

It all started when a friend of Shadw called her one day whispering in terror that 3 men were following her in a deserted road and she felt that it was the end of her, she paced up till she got away but anything could’ve happened.

The idea was inspired by the rage from this incident, to provide safety and security for women at any place and any time at the utter of a single word, for efficient rapid save! It doesn’t depend on having a relative or a friend nearby; complete strangers would do the part.

99.3% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment at some point, rape cases are on the rise.

‘’ It’s time for us to do something about it, women have the right to walk on the streets with no fear, feeling safe and secure in every step and we plan to deliver that to women in Egypt at any place and any time’’, says Shadw

The application is currently in the prototyping process, and the startup is joining local and International competitions for a chance of incubation and funding.

The app will be free of charge for app users when launched for now, expecting to add a monthly cost for an elite section of the app. They are currently competing at two startup and entrepreneurship competitions and seeking sponsorships.

They believe that the right for women’s safety shouldn’t come at a price; that’s why the future monthly fees are going to be something very simple that any woman could afford and still sustain the support for running the application.

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