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Internships Abroad ( Spain, Italy, Portugal & France)


In cooperation with Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (IYDA) ,

The IG Club brings you the opportunity to to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to the work environment as well as to gain experience related to a specific career.

Internship program in the fields of Architecture, constructions, management and business administration, mass media, art and design and much more specialisations, the Internship will last for one month depending on the timing for the vacation, groups and Individual applicants are invited to participate according to a certain criteria set by IYDA, the support allowance fees for one month varies between 2200-3000 Euro with the following benefits:

Support allowance Fees includes (to be paid by Student/Participant):
• Accommodation in a Hotel/flat share apartment
• Enrollment as an intern in specific field.
• Airport Assistance.
• International travel flights.
• Support by trained volunteers.
Guide Book for Interns
• Counseling assistance by professional staff if necessary.
• One day orientation before departure.
• Local Transportation by bus / metro inside Portugal
• Sightseeing Activities and excursions
• One day Re‐Entry orientation.

Support Allowance doesn’t include:
• Health Insurance
• Visa Fees
• Food & Meals

Internship dates:
August 25th – September 22ndDeadline for application submission June 30th

Procedures for becoming an intern

IYDA set the following process of becoming an intern to ensure the most beneficial experience to the applicants as well as the host partners.
1. Application
In summer or winter you can apply to become an intern in one of the participating countries in your field of study or specialization. Please note that only fully completed applications will be accepted. IYDA is having a very strict criteria for interns sent abroad, thus the interview and the orientation are the main factors and criteria for selection and both must attain a high level of commitment, this is regardless the technical selection that might be indicated by the Entity abroad.

2. Required documents
The required documents for successful applicants:
1. IYDA Application Form.
2. Passport Copy.
3. CV in English.
4. One Personal Photo
5. Motivation letter (to express your motivation of why you would like to join the company and which fields would be the best for you).

3. Selection Interview
IYDA will screen all applications and invite the accepted applicants to a selection interview which will be decided after receiving the completed application.
We have to perform these selection interviews because the number of applicants is much higher than the number of offered spots. But we also hold the selection interviews in order for IYDA to meet its responsibility towards applicants and international partners, we know that the demands in terms of physical and psychological stability as well as willingness and capability of an applicant to adjust to a foreign culture are not always met, therefore we hold the selection interviews to make sure all the requirements are given.

4. Contracts and Payment
After the selection interviews IYDA will notify the applicants of their acceptance or rejection. If IYDA accepts the applicant, next step will be to sign the contract confirming that applicant will spend one month abroad with IYDA and which partner organization.
As soon as the contract signed and handed to IYDA, the payment of the fee has to be made. We do have set deadlines for the payment but if we notice that you need a different payment schedule we are more than happy to negotiate this with you through a written contract.

Payment and refund policy is as follows :
25 % advance payment should be made by the interview time (or before),
In case of Selection 75 % has to be paid to The IG Club within maximum one week (or before the VISA issuance), whenever close.
In case of rejection (from either IYDA or the Embassy consulate) 25 % paid will be fully refunded.
In case of Selection and no show up or cancelation from the applicant side, The IG Club will keep the advance payment.
Further payment methods is addressed separately to participants according to each internship situation.

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for any inquiries kindly email us ( Phone will not be available for internship inquiries)

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