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The IG Club is a unique type of organisations as it works as a social, educational and development project in the IGCSE community around the world. It’s been 3 years since The IG Club was started and through these years it was not easy to develop from an online community to a business operating in more than one country through providing a wide variety of services and helping thousands of candidates, parents, teachers and schools across the middle east.

Joining The IG Club team was not a difficult thing to do, but it was difficult to push the business forward in a very competitive business environment and constraints generated as a result of the general economic condition in the region in addition to gaining customers trust to  use the services of a start up and providing them with a high quality service and product that makes them belief in our mission and vision of bridging all the IGCSE community around the world together and providing them with a unique high standard service that meets their expectations.

The IG Club team consists of dozens of IGCSE students and graduates who are doing their best to ensure that our goals are met in accordance with our values, however it is necessary now to expand the team by having more experienced graduates who will be purely dedicated to achieve the goals of The IG Club by working full time.

The working environment in The IG Club is very friendly and comfortable for anyone as we are a socially based project, and we believe that the only way to achieve our goals is by having satisfied team whom are motivated and feeling happy to be one of the team, moreover we believe in equality and that hard work is the only measure for any one to get accepted to be part of the team.

We look forward to receive your CVs if you are interested to join any of those positions.


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International trips coordinator

customer service agent

Events coordinator

Programmes Manager

Digital Content Manager

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