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Majors available

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Business and finance
  • Economics and politics



 Requirements will be according rules and regulations of the ministry of higher education (MHE)

announced before the start of each academic year for private universities. In addition, all applications will be evaluated according to the NGU academic admission’s test and interviews.

  • Acceptance is based on MHE and NGU academic and admissions requirements.
  • Students with high academic and life achievement have higher chance of being accepted.
  • Applicant should submit scanned copies of only for documents listed below and originals will be requested upon acceptance.
  • Applicant can apply copies of their “in progress academic records” till they receive the final one.

Academic Requirements:-

  • All applicants should submit original academic certificates, diploma and transcripts stamped by Egyptian educational authorities and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • All certificates or diplomas from outside Egypt should be stamped by the educational authorities issuing them and the Egyptian embassies in these countries.
  • Official certificate of general secondary education (certified and authenticated)
  • Proof of 12 years of schooling stamped by school and by the Egyptian Educational Authorities.
  • One recommendation letter preferred from the applicant’s Biology or Chemistry teacher on the school letterhead.
  • Statement of purpose: In 500 words the applicant should highlight the major achievements he/she has done o far and state reasons of his/her in the program applying for.


Non-Academic Requirements:-

  • Two original birth certificate (computerized).
  • Copy of Egyptian National ID.
  • Copy of passport (optional for Egyptians and required for international students).
  • 4 passport size photos.
  • Military form 2 (for male Egyptian students).
  • General medical certificate from recognized clinic.
  • Copy of the residency for Egyptians applicants living aboard.
  • Copy of the residency for International applicants living outside their countries.

Subjects Required:-

  • 8 IGCSE Subjects
  • Or 6 IGCSE and 2 AS Level
  • or 4 IGCSE and 4 AS Level
  • Or 7 IGCSE and 1 A Level

For Medical School, subjects must include the following qualifying 5 subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and English.

For Business School, the qualifying subjects are: English and Math.


English Requirements:-

  • TOEFL IBT: Total 80 and writing 21.


Admissions Criteria

  • 95% Medicine
  • 90% Dentistry
  • 89.5% Pharmacy
  • 65% Business & Finance


Egyptian students: 

  • Medicine: 151,450 L.E per year
  • Dentistry: 145,700 L.E per year
  • Pharmacy: 107,705 L.E per year
  • Business & Economics: 122,700 L.E Per year
  • Economics & politics: 122,700 L.E.


Interested students need to cover the following eligibility criteria to be considered for the School of Pharmacy Scholarship Program:
1. Applicants need to be Egyptians.
2. Applicants must meet all the admissions requirements for the School of Pharmacy at NGU.
3. Preference will be given to students with outstanding academic achievements who are enrolled in extracurricular activities and/or have community engagement.
1. The 50% scholarship: a total amount of EGP 58,875 to be paid in two installments.
2. The 25% scholarship: a total amount of EGP 83,312 to be paid in two installments.
The scholarship covers the five academic undergraduate years (10 semesters); based on each semester report. The scholarship will be terminated if a student fails to achieve the required grade of Very Good. If the student wants to continue his study at NGU, the student will have to cover the extra years on her/his own expense.
FIND MORE INFORMATION AT THE ADMISSION PAGE: https://ngu.edu.eg/ng-admissions/#403 School of Pharmacy Scholarship Program: The School of Pharmacy Scholarship Program is designed to provide partial scholarship opportunities for high school graduates who have excellent academic records, are enrolled in extracurricular activities and/or community involvement to enroll at the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) program at NGU.
Eligibility Criteria: Financial Policy, the scholarship will partially cover the academic tuition fees only 25 % – 50 % of total tuition:

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