by IGians

Nostalgia… from ex-IGian

By: Shadw Osama 

I’ve been blessed to experience the journey of IGCSE education, it’s tricky, sometimes over the top exhausting, consuming but it’s worth it.

Whether it’s the English exam that you took more than once to get that A ! Or November sessions and vacation-less summers, it was worth the effort.

Or that it didn’t matter if you studied the whole books  and answered all the past papers , you’d still find aliens dancing on your examination paper, rolling out their tongues at your startled face. Because well, it’s not an exam unless there’s something completely out of the box in there. Because you’re in a system that values brains over plain reciting.

The love of the curve that made you wish everyone messed up in that tough exam so you’d still have your high grades.

Or the examination halls crowded with all the invigilators who tell you the rules you know by heart already because you’ve been there too many times. The sweet ironic sound of “on behalf of the British council we wish you good luck” before you opened the paper. Or “5 minutes left’’ that made your heart race.

The endless number of pages on a biology exam; that your fingers ache at the last words you’re writing.

Or the challenging Math questions that electrified your neurons with enthusiasm and competition.

The fact that it was fun and happy times all year long till the last month before your session which turns into race with time, ticking clocks defining your future, stress eating you up like any other education system, the only difference you know it’s worth it, it’s not something you’re vomiting in an exam just this once and never going to make use of It again. I still remember slices of my As biology lessons more than my first year lectures in med school.

Or the perks of feeling secure that you’re going to get what you deserve, no cheating, no waste of effort, and you even have the perks of second chance if your grades don’t show up as hoped for.

We studied not only for the sake of high grades, we did it for ourselves and we enjoyed every bit of it as well.

It was a blissful fruitful journey, and I miss it.

IGCSE: It’s not just an education system; it’s a life style.






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