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Post Exam Service 



IT COSTS LE 300 to have your results verified

Mistakes and changes:

  • The certificate may contain incorrect or incomplete information, such as a mistake with the spelling of your name, address, dates of birth or other information.
  • If you are a school student, tell your teacher or school exams co-ordinator as soon as possible about any mistakes

Access to Script:

  • Before applying to have your paper remarked, you can request copies of your exam scripts. This may help you decide whether to go ahead with re-marking, or whether a retake is the better option.


Replacement Certificate/Certifying statement:

  • A certifying statement is an official document that shows the grades a candidate achieved in a particular series.
  • It is fully endorsed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Educational institutions
  • and employers accept them as a legitimate record of results.
  • Candidates can apply for us to send a priority statement of results to a number of educational
  • We also offer a results verification service for applications to educational institutions or places of employment.
  • The Certifying statement takes from 6-8 weeks to receive it after the request is submitted.
Certifying statement search fee1200
Additional fee for extra copy320
Additional fee for dispatch by courier1050


Stamping Service:

  • Occurs for Original Statement of Results at the stamping event for mainly Candidates coming from the Gulf area and the Egyptian students are more than welcomed in case they have any certificates that needs to be stamped.


  • Fees for stamping and verification
Stamping per page150
Verification per document300




Service cost for Cambridge candidates

Description per componentFee for IGCSE Per SubjectFee for IGCSE Per componentFee for AS/AL per SubjectFee for AS/AL Per component
Full clerical re-checkL.E. 320L.E. 185L.E. 395L.E. 185
Full clerical re-check with a copy of the scriptL.E 680L.E 345
Full re-marking including re-checkL.E 575L.E. 365L.E. 715L.E. 425
Full re-marking including re-check with a copy of scriptsL.E. 995L.E. 595
Detailed report on an individual candidate PerformanceL.E. 1330L.E. 810L.E. 1635L.E. 980




Service cost for Pearson Edexcel candidates


Description per componentNotesGCSE/

International GCSE

Clerical CheckFee per candidate per paper/ unitL.E. 185L.E. 185
Priority post-results review of markingFee per candidate per paper/ unitL.E. 485
Post- results review of markingFee per candidate per paper/ unitL.E. 325L.E. 430
ATS – original scriptFee per candidate per paper/ unitL.E. 185L.E. 185
ATS – copyFee per candidate per paper/ unitL.E. 485
Service 3 – Review of moderation of internally assesses courseworkFee per paper / unitL.E. 2755 minimum (up to 15 candidates) and L.E. 3300 if 16 candidates or more in the original sample

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