Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) Requirements


  • Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering
  • Financial and Administrative Sciences
  • Languages and Translation
  • Legal Studies and International Relations
  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Allied Medical Sciences
  • Mass Communication
  • Physical Therapy
  • Arts And Design


Tuition Fees:

FacultyFees (Egyptian Students)
Pharmacy 55,000
Physical Therapy 36,000
Medical Sciences20,000
Business & Economics 28,600
Legal Studies and International Relations 19,000
Engineering 42,000

– Original IG exams certificate accredited by the British Council + Egyptian Foreign Affairs+  الإدارة العامة للإمتحانات (Ministry of Education)..Required Documents

  1. – Original preparatory school certificate, in case studied according to the Egyptian system or a complete academic sequence, in case studied according to a foreign system, accredited by the stamp of the government.
  2. Academic credentials
    –  Abiding by the enrollment terms of minimum grades set by the ministry.
    –  Eight O.L. subjects should be studied, including the qualifying subjects; minimum grade should be C, and three study years or four with maximum five exams. Taking into consideration any changes made by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
    –  Mathematics AS or AL to apply to the Faculty of Engineering; minimum grade should be D.
    –  Studying a 2nd language French OR Spanish from school is a must to apply to the Faculty of Language & translation.
  3. Qualifying Subjects

Scientific division

Literary division

The following subjects should be studied in school in order to apply to any of the faculties of the university: (English Language – Biology – Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics), abiding by the enrollment terms set by the ministry.May apply to the theoretical faculties (Financial & Administrative Sciences – Languages & Translation – Legal Studies – Tourism & Hotel Management – Mass Communication – Arts & Design Only for the those departments DécorGraphicMedia Arts,Painting), abiding by the enrollment terms of minimum grades.
*Having successfully passed the English subject. 

Official website: http://www.pua.edu.eg/

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