Self Exploration Free Session by Ahmed Negm


The IG Club is pleasured to host a self exploration event for high school students by Ahmed Negm.

We know that you are confused. It’s normal! Don’t worry, it is completely normal after being done or doing high school to feel puzzled and unsure about what major to apply for and what career you can pursue to be actually HAPPY about what you do daily.

We wish the answer and help was that simple to deliver through some text, illustrations or videos online. However we have got help for you from someone who is a winner of 10+ Global entrepreneurship awards including IBM and many more. He has been featured in the media more than 100+ times, spoke in more than 40 conferences. He started his career working with multiple social enterprises and companies around 30+ countries engaging and building a global Network. He took part in organizing international events with plenty of stakeholders. He is currently a Co-founder at Raye7, the carpooling app of the middle east. Along with his team, He aims in building a sustainable world with no empty seats. Although he is looking European and born in Asia, He is an African Native. Ahmed’s character resembles diversity, empathy, and Unity.

Join our self exploration session with Ahmed Negm this Tuesday 25/6/2019 at 5 PM at Extreme Center – Nasr City 

Free Admission – Registration is mandatory and a confirmation SMS will be received.

** Limited seats



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