British International Modern School


Zahraa - El Maadi Area 5








Principal Co-ordinator

Ms. Debra Moore / Ms. Nehal Hassan

Tuition Fees

  • IGCSE Subject fees: 8,500 EGP
  • AS-Level subject fees: 10,000 EGP
  • A2 Level subject fees: 12,000 EGP
  • Application: 1,000 EGP
  • Registration: 4,000 EGP
  • fees excludes books fees and registration for exam.


  • Computer lab
  • Football field
  • Library
  • Science lab

    Subjects Offered

    • Arabic
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • English
    • Math Edexcel

    School Teachers

    • Maths: Mr. Yehia Kassem
    • Chemistry: Dr. Wilson
    • Physics: Mr. Ashraf El Guindy
    • Biology: Dr. Karim Rashad
    • English as a Second Language: Mrs. Dalia Fouad

    School History


    Our Mission is to provide a high quality, creative and challenging international education. We foster within each student, staff member and community member an enduring passion for learning and empowering each individual to become a caring global citizen. We aim to become recognized as the premier international school in Egypt. The mission of our School is preparing our students to aim for excellence and to make a difference as global citizens.


    Activity-based teaching

    Activity-based teaching is the basis of academic methodology at BIMS. Extensive use is made of audio-visual techniques, computer-aided learning, visual aids, charts, models, games, role plays, projects, researches, worksheets etc. to stimulate the learning process.

    Inclusive education

    BIMS follows a practice of 'inclusive education' wherein we believe that every child is special and deserves an opportunity to a positive educational experience. Remedial help is offered when a child has a weak conceptual base that affects his/her academic performance in line with the expected learning levels.

    Theme-based education

    Theme based education teaches children through topics often relevant to the child, rather than isolated concepts. For example, we can teach children addition and subtraction in isolation, or make it relevant through a unit on markets where students and teacher explore buying and selling.

    Inquiry-based learning

    Inquiry-based learning begins with a question leading further to questioning and exploration to arrive at a satisfactory answer.

    Our History

    With more than 40 years of experience in taking care of students, we have made our schools into one big family. Founded in 1970, Modern Schools have helped thousands of students realise their dream of studying with high quality education. We are considered as one of the best academic performers of schools in Egypt.

    Our Facilities

    British International Modern School's 6800 square meter campus. Library, computer centers , science laboratories, music room, art room, cafeteria, gymnasium, as well as outdoor swimming pool and basketball courts, a turf surface soccer field, and air-conditioned classes with the latest and best school equipment and interactive smart boards.

    Truly International Atmosphere

    We understand that a world-class teaching staff is the key to engaging and effective education. We hire nurturing, native speakers, people with a passion for our students. The school has exceptional teachers and staff. Highly qualified and experienced teachers that inspire and motivate our students to high levels of success.Research has demonstrated that the quality of teaching is the most important factor affecting a child's progress. We invest significant time and energy carefully selecting the teachers that join our community.

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