Tansik Guide’14 Recruitment

As ‘The IG Club’ is a leading organization in serving IGCSE students in Egypt, we need your help to enhance our service this year. 
This year 4000 fellow IGCSE candidates are graduated from high schools and joining universities, however they still need help to join universities without any hassles. 
Join Tansik Guide Team at The IG Club now, we need as many volunteers as possible. 
Volunteers are expected to do the following tasks:
1- Call centre (Answer IGCSE graduates and provide them with information 8 am – 8 pm)
2- Provide guidance and advise ( Tansik Office – Cairo University , Stamping event, Ministry of foreign affairs offices at Heliopolis and Mohandeseen)
3- Electronic registration assistance ( Multimedia centre – Mohandeseen)

Those who are going to volunteer are to receive a certificate of recognition for their dedication in helping their fellow IGians.

We are holding a training session on Sunday for our team! Join us!
TRAINING to be held on Sunday 17th of August at LSC EGYPT .
Training will explain every step to be done at Tansik process and how can you help others and what is our action plan.
If you are doing Tansik this year you are more than welcomed to join us even to know the steps 🙂

Facebook event: Click here

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