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The IG Club @ EXPO 17

We, The IG Club, are pleasured to announce that we participating in EXPO 17!

At 1 PM till 3 PM we will be holding IGCSE Orientation session (Click here for info and registration)and then we will be assisting you at our booth with academic advising and organising your IG plan!


What is EXPO 17?

EXPO 17 is an abroad studies and career development exhibition with the sole objective of increasing the caliber of individuals by opening a gate to high quality education and smart career choice.

It is the first annual exhibition of its nature to be held in Egypt byEducation Basket Egypt and Fast Forward.

What’s in EXPO 17?

High Quality Education: Representatives of top international universities from several parts of the world will be here so you can learn and ask any questions, as well as apply on the spot.

Smart Career Choice: See for yourself what it’s like to do a certain job or be in a certain work environment along with career simulation opportunities at several large and small to medium enterprises.

Student Loans: High quality education requires financing. Financing solutions are available to remove burdens from decision making and have the focus only on making the right choice.

EXPO 17 In Numbers
– 10 to 15 universities from over 10 countries.
– Top ranked universities among them.
– More than 12 companies attending.
– More than 10 professions available.

What you get
– The chance to meet, speak with representatives, and apply in top international universities.
– Career simulation opportunities.
– A 360 degree approach for your professional future.
– Financing solutions (student loans).
– A fully developed and optimized plan and timeline to return with.
– Attendees-only offers and scholarships.

– EXPO 17 will be at the Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel
– Date: 30 September 2017
– Time: Starts at 3 pm until 9 pm
– FREE entry.

NOTE: Attendees will qualify for certain offers and discounts.


By filling this form here you will be illegible to have a FREE entrance by collecting the ticket on door instead of paying 100 EGP.

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