The IG Club seeking Writers


We are launching THE IG CLUB MAGAZINE!!

We’re aiming for those word wizards and manipulators, who shall enrich IGians timeline with fun and educational reading worthy articles; to provide an interconnecting community of IG students and a hub for all the important hot news and events in our community.

We’re recruiting English and Arabic writers to supply our readers with eye catching, soul gripping articles, So if you believe in your writing skills, and want a chance to get your work published in your name on the most popular IGCSE community in Egypt, and grow as a writer; having thousands of readers, send us your CV  our  email along with a sample of your writing.

We’re also recruiting News reporters who’re going to be our ‘’ news dealers/suppliers’’ for all what’s current or in the works in the IG community.

Those who are going to get the most views for their articles each month will be rewarded financially, same goes for News reporters.


IGians and ex-IGians are welcomed 🙂

We will be waiting for your applications.




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