The IG Club Team Recruitment 2014/2015

The IG Club Team - Day 1 IGCSE Football Tournament 2014

The IG Club Team – Day 1 IGCSE Football Tournament 2014

If you are looking to serve IGCSE candidates in Egypt and the Middle East, then your place is at The IG Club!

The IG Club is now the leading organisation in providing IGCSE candidates with Academic advising before even starting their IGCSE sessions till they are done and going to join universities in addition to activities and entertainment events, however as number of candidates is increasing we need to increase our work force to make sure we help out everyone across the world to get use of our services.

Joining The IG Club will be very beneficial for you as an IGCSE candidate or graduate as it will provide you will a lot of experience in many fields which will add a lot to your resume when you graduate from university and look for a job.

The IG Club vacancies are mainly volunteering however we make sure that we motivate our team members who are keen to help the club through excellence, high quality and punctuality by financial bonuses.

Being a team member in The IG Club will grant you a certificate that you worked as a part of a leading organisation in the world of British qualifications across the Middle East, also you will receive many training sessions to gain as much soft skills as possible and to increase your knowledge in different aspects in life.

In addition to the certificate you will have an ID card, maybe a business card and an access to our office and our resources where you can also study there not just work.


The IG Club team is one of the most friendly environments you can join as you get to know dozens of IGCSE candidates and graduates from different places and sometimes from different countries, and our experience in 2013/2014 was more than amazing as we could gather 25 team members to get to know each other and bridge different cultures.

Being a team member at The IG Club requires some commitment and punctuality as you will have to attend 2 meetings per month at our Head office (El Mohandeseen) unless you are working from another city or country.

Available Vacancies:

1)      Academic Advisors

  1. Pre- IGCSE Advisors: The role of this advisor is to answer all inquiries about IGCSE and to make presentations about IGCSE at different places where there are potential candidates and their parents.
  2. IGCSE Advisors: Required to advise candidates about their sessions and what are the subjects they are required to study to reach their goal and other inquiries by candidates and parents.

Inquiries are answered face to face at our office, at schools and other places with high IGCSE candidates’ density.

  1. Post IGCSE Advisors: Required to help IGCSE candidates at Grade 11 and 12 whom are inquiring about studying at universities especially abroad at the UK.


2)      Events Organisers:

Events organisers are those who are going to organise all the activities done by The IG Club like football tournament, paintball tournament, sandboarding trips, domestic trips and international trips. (Main benefit that organisers are exempted from any trip or events fees)

3)      Marketing, Public relations and sales managers

The IG Club is seeking to recruit a marketing, public relations and sales zone manager to communicate and spread our message among our clients in the IGCSE community which includes schools, teachers, students and other services firms in the community.

Managers are required at the following zones:

  • Zone B: Cairo – Dokki, Mohandeseen, Zamalek, Agouza and 6th of October.
  • Zone C:  Cairo- Maadi
  • Zone E: Mansoura
  • Zone F: Tanta
  • Zone G: Ismailia

The key responsibilities of the job:

  • Manage and maintain existing relations with IGCSE schools, teachers, centres, students and other services firms in the zone.
  • Planning and executing marketing campaigns to increase the awareness of the community about IGCSE.
  • Planning and executing marketing campaigns to increase the number of clients within the target zone.
  • Providing feedback about customers’ satisfaction and customers’ demands concerning The IG Club services and products.
  • Increasing the number of IGCSE students who are willing to join The IG Club team.
  • Maintaining high efforts to increase the sales of The IG Club products and services to current customers and potential customers.


Skills of successful applicant will include:


  • A very good knowledge of Marketing, management and communication. (Preferred to be business administration major )
  • Ability to work flexibly – independently and part of a group
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Computer skills.


Salary and benefits:

  • 30% of gross profit of sales.



4)      Social Media Managers: Being a social media manager at The IG Club will make you gain great knowledge about the world of social media and how can it serve any business goals.

You are not required to have any social media knowledge more than being a user and we will provide you with an intensive training course about social media management in corporates.


5)      Digital Content Manager: You will be required to add, edit and manage articles and content on our website in coordination with different team members.

6)      Media Team: We are looking for Designers, photographers with their cameras and video editors to help us throughout our events all over the year.


7)      New reporters and editors: The IG Club website is one of the few sources of news for IGCSE candidates and parents, that’s why we need many reporters and writers from different schools, cities and countries to write news and articles that satisfies our website visitors.


Since not all IGCSE candidates are aware of writing a CV or a resume we are just asking you to fill this application if you want to join our team and we will make our first training session on how to write a CV!




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