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The Skills Academy


The skills academy is founded to fill the gap between academic life and real life by training high school students on lifelong skills. Our message is to prepare a generation of young leaders with edge over others, who have the ability to proof reliability, accountability and being knowledgeable to take leadership positions starting from university up to professional life.

When most of IG students join university they find a huge gap since they expect that everything would seek perfection as their IG years and education. Therefore; the might face a cultural shock. Many things are left for self-learning. The IG Club is here to bridge you to a new experience.

We are building a community!

Sessions: 8 sessions
Time: approximate 3 hrs
Target age: grade 11-12
Fees: 600 EGP
Mohandeseen : The IG Club – 20 El Ashgar Street
Nasr City: Extreme Centre
New Cairo: Behind 7 Stars mall.

Booking can be done through our Messages by sending us a message or calling us ( 9 AM – 5 PM )
For more information:
Call us 01210837777

أكاديمية المهارات هدفها تقليص المسافة بين الحياة الأكاديمية و الحياة العملية عن طريق تدريب طلاب المدارس على المهارات الحياتية المختلفة.
رسالتنا هي تجهيز جيل من الرواد لهم مميزات عن الاخرين حيث سيمكنهم المنافسة عن طريق اثبات مهارات مختلفة و يتمكنون من الحصول على درجات قيادية في الحياة الجمعية و في الحياة العملية

دائما يشعر طلاب الثانوية البريطانية بوجود فاصل بينهم و بين الاخرين في الجامعة و نعمل على تقليص هذه المسافة.

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