Vacancy: Educational Programmes Officer


The IG Club is one of the leading businesses in the market of British international education among schools across Egypt and looking to widen the market share to work in more countries in the MENA and GCC regions.

The IG Club is one of the top organisations serving the community of British curriculum school students and parents in Egypt, providing them with academic advising, counselling, and a plethora of extracurricular activities that help students develop important skills.



To develop and improve the academic services provided by The IG Club to school students and their parents in different aspects.

Job description:

  • Responsibilities

The educational programmes officer is responsible for

  • Manage all educational programmes held by The IG Club on and off premises which includes all courses and training sessions in addition to exhibitions and conferences.
  • Be responsible of collecting information and data concerning IGCSE and undergraduate studies locally and internationally.
  • Assist IGCSE candidates and parents through The IG Club academic advising programmes.
  • Assist IGCSE candidates in studying abroad and providing them information about different programmes with achieving a sales revenue of consultancy fees to those students agreed with the management.
  • providing administrative services for the programme
  • meeting the administrative needs of the office independently, with a minimum of intervention
  • Coordinating the work of support staff at the programme office
  • Ensuring that administrative regulations are complied with The IG Club rules and regulations
  • Managing events, workshops and conferences.


  • Tasks


– ensures that information is exchanged between programme staff, partners and other institutions
– prepares and organises meetings.

– Prepares schedules, attendance sheets and material for courses organised by The IG Club.

2- Administration

– Is responsible for organising administrative and logistical aspects of project activities (meetings, workshops etc.)
– takes minutes during meetings and workshops
– manages incoming and outgoing correspondences and prepares letters upon request


3- Event Management
– prepares proposals for the design of workshops and events.
– manages all logistical aspects of events and workshops.
4- Studying abroad programme

  • Prepares an annual plan showing with numbers the expected students/parents meetings.
  • Prepares an annual plan for advertising for the studying abroad programme.
  • Set a target for number of students travelling abroad through The IG Club.


5- Other duties/additional tasks
– performs other duties and tasks at the request of management, which may not be explicitly mentioned in this job description.
– substitutes for other administrative staff members during their absence



  • Must be an IGCSE graduate and well acquainted with the system
  • University degree holder
  • Must be well organized, and attentive to details
  • Able to work independently or in a team

Work location: The IG Club Office

Working hours: A minimum of 40 hours per week at office.


Apply by sending your CV and a cover letter ,stating why you are suitable for this vacancy ,of ONE page to ( ) with subject line ( Educational programmes officer).


Selected candidate is expected to start as soon as possible.

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