Vacancy: IELTS Preparation Tutor


The IG Club is a leading business in the sphere of British educational systems and qualifications among schools across Egypt. We are currently working on students’ English proficiency for middle and high school students. And as part of our mission to be the main supporters for IGCSE students, we would like to extend our services even after graduating high school. As graduating seniors begin to apply for universities, whether locally or abroad, we would like to be there every step of the way! Our IELTS preparation course is one of the many services we wish to provide.

Therefore, The IG Club is seeking IELTS preparation teachers who will be teaching high school students. These students wish to take the IELTS exam and achieve a score that will help them get an offer from universities. Most students, especially IGCSE graduates, will be hoping to polish their English skills in order to better suit the IELTS exam.

Job description

The main responsibility of a teacher is to help your students speak, read, understand, and write English. Duties will range from the preparation of course work, planning of classes to marking of assignments and work handed in by students.

Typical duties include:
Organising and delivering classroom lectures to students effectively and efficiently.
Evaluating students’ class work and assignments, and providing constructive and helpful feedback.
Preparing classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts.
Recording and maintain accurate student attendance records and grades.
Developing English lesson plans in line with the National Curriculum.
Maintaining discipline in the classroom, and classroom management.
Creating a vibrant and engaging teaching atmosphere.

Personal qualities required:
Able to communicate effectively with students, administration, teaching staff, as well as parents.
Able to work efficiently under stress and pressure.
Able to follow instructions.
Competent planning and organizational skills.
Must be patient.


Minimum of three years experience in teaching English, and at least one year teaching an IELTS preparation course.

Minimum score in IELTS (Academic) 8.0

If you are an English teacher who is hoping to make a change, then join The IG Club and help us work with these students on their educational journey, please send your CV to

We are looking for teachers who are willing to teach at our attached centers in Mohandeseen and Sheikh Zayed.

Payment rate 125 per hour


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