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Why Accounting OL for November?!

Maram Amin Darwish ( IGCSE’11 – Academic Advisor @ The IG Club)


Why Accounting OL for November?!


When I was asked to write an academic advice for IGCSE students sitting for November session, and to suggest a subject to take, IGCSE Accounting was the first subject I thought of..


Why Accounting in the first beginning?

If you’re planning a career in Accounting or Business Studies, IGCSE Accounting provides the perfect theoretical background. ¬†You will also find it invaluable if you’re planning to study other business related subjects.


What makes IGCSE Accounting suitable for November session?

IGCSE Accounting’s syllabus is a short one, which makes summertime good enough to fit it.

The subject’s shortness makes it easy to get it done and revised a couple of times before the final exam. In addition, the shortness of the pre-exam session itself helps you not to forget what you take in classes before you sit study it for the final exam; as IGCSE Accounting students usually attend a class daily for 3 consecutive days per week.

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