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Zewail City of Science and Technology is a nonprofit, independent institution of learning, research and innovation. The concept of the City was proposed in 1999 and its cornerstone laid on January 1, 2000. After numerous delays, the project was revived by the Egyptian cabinet’s decree on May 11, 2011 following the January 25 Revolution. The Cabinet proclaimed it a National Project for Scientific Renaissance and named it Zewail City of Science and Technology. On December 20, 2012, a special law for Zewail City was granted, allowing students to enroll at its university and Egypt to begin a new era of modern development in scientific research and technological production.

Zewail City Mission
We aim to contribute to building a knowledge-based society, founded on creative thinking through providing a merit-based education and engaging with the public at large, and integrating the challenge of a rigorous academic study, with the spirit of collaborative work and scientific discoveries.
Zewail City Values

The ability to perform with excellence, professionalism and high ethical conduct are the basis for employment and promotion.

A clear vision supported by transparent strategies, policies, procedures and results ensures accountability.

Independent governance paves the way for independent thinking and innovation.

Science benefits greatly from collaborations among colleagues in local institutions and at the international level, across disciplines and in partnership with society and industry.

 Impact and Engagement
Society benefits from science and the scientific approach, not only in increasing national productivity but also in fostering national pride and cultural development.

City Concept
Zewail City of Science and Technology – with its five constituents: the University of Science and Technology, the 7 Research Institutes with 12 subsidiary centers, the Technology Pyramid, the Academy, and the Center for Strategic Studies – is designed to bring about effective participation in 21st century science, to elevate local technologies to an international level and to increase national productivity.

The five sub-structures are planned to be coherently interactive for optimum collaboration and benefit, both scientifically and physically. Such a structure offers students and researchers the best possible environment for learning and contributing to the creation of new knowledge.

Zewail City of Science and Technology will not be an isolated island of excellence in its main location in 6th of October City on the outskirts of Cairo. It will coordinate and cooperate with universities and research centers nationally and internationally.

Zewail City has established many collaborations with research organizations across Egypt for the enhancement of national productivity.

University of Science and Technology

The University of Science and Technology is an integral part of Zewail City of Science and Technology. It is the hub connecting academic excellence to cutting-edge research, at the research centers, and to industry through the technology transfer pyramid. To fulfill its mission, the University of Science and Technology shall invest in our young generations, providing the optimal environment for learning and development.
The degree outline and study curricula at the University of Science and Technology are carefully designed to prepare our graduates to tackle demanding challenges in our region, ranging from endemic diseases, the need for improved health care systems, environmental management, to water treatment and the need for renewable energy. Our curriculum meets highest national and international standards of higher Education.
Our graduates are expected to acquire a deep understanding of basic sciences as well as hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies. Our students are exposed to the world of business and science from their first year of enrollment and their personality is shaped to fit into the community, where they contribute to the public wellbeing by their scientific work and research.
The university graduates can choose to continue their academic careers and become actively involved in research and teaching. Our students learn at the university essential skills for employment in business and industry, to successfully occupy both technical and non-technical jobs. Some of our graduates will combine their technical skills with entrepreneurial role in starting new businesses.
Student life
At the University of Science and Technology, we are committed to providing students with a rich student life experience. We promote learning for life by adopting best practices and by fostering partnerships between students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, employers and other members of the international community. The university aims at helping student become an achiever; become a successful person in all life’s aspects, academically and non-academically. Because today’s moments will be tomorrow’s memories, we promote the student’s life on campus to allow the student have enjoyable and memorable years of study at the University of Science & Technology.


Campus activities and student organizations
The university knows exactly how studying should perfectly fit with the student’s aims and interests, and because student life is about a wide range of campus activities the student should benefit of, the university organizes numerous events, sessions and community services’ clubs. These are actively running to channel students’ energy to help the community, the organization, and themselves as well.

We look forward to welcoming you all soon to our new campus, located in October Gardens, 6th of October City. https://www.zewailcity.edu.eg/main/content.php?lang=en&alias=new_campus_development


Career Services

The career services unit is designed to assist University of Science and Technology students in their career explorations and decision-making process. The unit provides career counseling to students from the day the student joins the university and its services go on throughout the student’s path to various graduation and alumni services. The unit is creating a database of potential employers and available work opportunities, and will develop a matching mechanism between students seeking employment and external employers. Consultations, Trainings, Mock-up interviews, CV writing, career mapping, jobs fairs are some of the services that will be provided by the unit.


Counseling and Mentoring

At the University of Science and Technology students will be provided with counseling and mentoring services, such as psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, academic skills assessment, support groups, assessment and treatment for alcohol and/or drug abuse, referrals, emergency intervention, and health promotion and wellness programs. The university is implementing a mentoring program that will provide an opportunity for students to connect one-on-one with our excellent instructors, advisers and faculty members; in addition to peer-mentors to help develop skills that serves our students in their personal lives as well as academic and professional careers.


Education abroad opportunities and international partnerships
Education abroad is the ultimate educational experience. The student affairs office is working to position the University of Science and Technology on the international education map to attract international students and scholars to our campus as well as enhancing the study experience of our distinguished students in a completely different and a new environment. The services offered include, but are not limited to, securing scholarships and providing visa services, specially designed orientations, developing cultural and scientific exchange programs, credit transfers and housing services.

University resources and services

Sports & Athletics
The student experience at the University of Science and Technology is made even more complete through sports and recreational programs that highlight core sportsmanship ethics and values. The university will foster different recreational sports with the aim of developing students’ tolerance to individual differences.

Student housing and residential life
The University of Science and Technology is in the process of establishing a student housing facility. Until then, we will provide assistance to students seeking residence in neighborhoods around the university campus. Guidance is given to locate rooms and apartments for rent at special rates given especially to Zewail City students.


Bus service is available at the university that serves faculty, students and staff. There are meeting points in several districts of Cairo for transportation to and from the university according to a specific timetable.


The university has a restaurant which offers daily fresh hot meals which are served in the dining area; besides other food vendors who offer other on-the-go and quick meals as per the student’s preference.

The library’s mission is to serve the information needs of the university’s current students, faculty, staff and researchers who hold valid University of Science and Technology IDs. The library has an automated system that facilitates access to a wide range of publications, journals and books. It also provides laptops for the use of faculty, students, researchers and staff. Study rooms are available at the library to create a quiet atmosphere to student to learn and focus.

The clinic provides healthcare services to all members of the City community.
Financial Contribution

The cost of studying at the University of Science and Technology is currently 55,000 EGP (Fifty Five Thousands Egyptian Pounds) per semester.

Every student has to pay a financial contribution (FC) for his/her cost of study in the university depending on his/her family’s financial status. The student –who fulfill admission requirements- is accepted regardless of his/her financial capability.

Majors and Each Major’s concentration:

At the University of Science and Technology we offer eight majors; four for the science study program and four for the engineering study program. Six majors have specializations for the student to pick one from after his/her third year.  The concentrations that we offer expose students to research facilities and laboratories that will enable them to conduct both basic scientific research and industry-linked research projects. The interdisciplinary nature of our programs provides ample opportunities for sharing knowledge and creative thinking among our students. This is essential to enable our graduates to develop novel, non-conventional solutions for problems that have significant social, economic and environmental impacts.
The concentrations of every major are as follows:
1. Bio Medical Sciences:

– Drug Design

– Molecular Cell Biology

-Computational Biology and Genomics

-Medical Science

2. Physics of Earth and Universe:

– High Energy Physics

– Astrophysics

3. Space and Communication:

– Communication

– Aerospace

4. Renewable Energy:

– Chemical

– Mechanical.

5. Materials Science:

-Polymer Science.

– Smart Materials.

6. Nanoscience:

– Nano Medicine

– Nano Physics

7. Nanotechnology Engineering – No concentration

8. Environmental Engineering – No concentration


*For general inquiries, please send an email to inquiry@zewailcity.edu.eg or visit our website www.zewailcity.edu.eg
*For information about admission please send an email to admission@zewailcity.edu.eg
or please contact us Tel: +2 02 385 40 398           Fax: +2 02 385 17 181

Tuition fees

Fee per credit hour 4,180 EGP

Programmes are approx. 162 hours

Average fees per year 135,000 EGP


Admission Requirement for IGCSE holders

IGCSE students must have successfully completed 12 years of schooling, eight IGCSE / GCSE / GCE O-level (OL) subjects and a minimum of one A-level (AL) subject or two Advanced Supplementary-level (ASL) subjects. IGCSE OL subjects should be from the extended system, not the core system. Up to five sittings is considered acceptable (taken over no more than three successive years). The University of Science and Technology accepts a minimum grade of C in O-level or AS-level (math, chemistry, physics or biology) subjects, and a minimum grade of D in A-level subjects (math, chemistry, physics or biology). Repeated subjects will not be double counted. The best grade obtained in a repeated subject will be the only one considered, noting that the number of studied A-level and AS-level subjects will be considered and given a priority. Students who receive an IGCSE certificate must submit proof of 12 years of schooling and must have achieved an overall score equivalent to 95% in Egyptian Thanaweya Amma.
Application procedures and student evaluation steps

  • Initial screening
  • Admission examination
  • English proficiency test
  • Structure of the admission exams


To facilitate the application, applicants must provide evidence of English proficiency in one of the standardized English language exams, if available, or the University of Science and Technology administrators will provide an English Proficiency Test (EPT) for students with no proof of English proficiency from February 1 till July 15, 2016.

Students’ acceptance is based on an overall assessment of the high school scores, admission exam’s scores, English scores and passing the Interview.

•Accepted candidates who fulfill the university’s English proficiency requirement by submitting recent TOEFL test scores (valid for two years only after the test date) with a minimum band score of 94, a minimum writing score of 27 and a minimum speaking score of 23 or IELTS test scores with a minimum band score, writing and speaking score of 7, or passing Zewail City English Proficiency Test will be fully admitted to the university.

Accepted candidates who submit recent English test scores TOEFL or IELTS (valid for two years after the test date) below the minimum required will be exempted from the EPT (English Proficiency Test) if they fulfill one of the following criteria:

– TOEFL (IBT) score of 60-93 and writing 24 – 26 or 35 – 59 and writing 21 are entitled to an intensive English program prior to or during the beginning of the first semester based on the University academic schedule.

IELTS with scores 6 – 6.5 and writing 6.5 or 5 – 5.5 ad writing 6 are entitled to an intensive English program prior to or during the beginning of the first semester based on the University academic schedule.

– Students satisfying all admissions criteria, but scoring one level below the required level in the EPT, will be entitled to attend an intensive English program prior to or during the beginning of the first semester based on the university’s academic schedule.

Applicants who submit recent TOEFL test scores with a band score below 35, a writing score below 21 and a speaking score below 23 or IELTS test scores with a band, writing and speaking score below five, or who do not pass Zewail City’s English Proficiency Test will not be admitted.

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