The IG Club is an education service provider for UK School Qualifications students located in MENA mostly among other regions. The IG Club has been launched in 2012 by it’s founder Noor El Din El Mahallawi to serve UK School Qualifications students and parents with academic matters.We’re an educational consultancy that helps students and parents through their IGCSE system starting from how go prepare to the IGCSE system, how to choose subjects till we help them in their university choice either in Egypt(public or private) or abroad.

 The IG Club Ltd is registered in Egypt and UK.


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How do we help students and parents?

Raising awareness for those who are interested to move from alternative education systems to the British system,knowledge bank for any student, parent, teacher or principal when it comes to information about IGCSEs, ALevels, university requirements (in Egypt and abroad),our counsellors who are professionally trained in house and have experience in the field help students and parents throughout their secondary school journey at all times and this is not a chargeable service,matching students with universities abroad either through direct entry or a pathway provider,extracurricular activities: International Trips, camps, character building activities and sports activities, English Language Programme for young learners aged 8 to 14,IELTS Preparation Courses for secondary school students who are sitting the test for university placement.,Pearson PTE Preparation course,E-Learning through our infamous platform www.theigschool.com


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