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20 Reasons Why IGCSE

Have you always been asking the same question on repetition “Why to join IGCSE system?”?

We, at The IG Club have gathered to you the most vital 20 reasons why.

1- The ability of choosing different subjects of different categories and picking them over three following high school years.

2- Syllabus designed to enrich the student’s knowledge and culture.

3- Exams are to test the student’s understanding and ability to analyse and evaluate, not evaluate their ability to memorise.

4- Subjects are offered in different levels (IGCSE, AS, IAL) which enable the students to choose what fits them the most, guaranteeing them high scores.

5- Specially designed questions are included in each exam, thus to differentiate between outstanding and average students.

6- Each subject’s exam is divided into different papers to help evaluate the student’s abilities better.

7- Glut of subjects of different categories which will for sure meet each student interests.

8- Subject such as Information and Communication Technology guides the students in using computer programs professionally. Whereas, Computer Science helps in developing the student’s programming skills.

9- There are subjects available that are highly related to those taught at faculties of fine arts and applied arts.

10-All subjects are taught in English and hence the students end up able to indulge themselves in discussions of different fields.

11- Higher probability of passing International English Proficiency exams at high scores.

12- Highly qualified, certified teachers are available for all subjects.

Qualified instrauctors

13- IGCSE Education system enhances the student’s practical, creative and critical thinking.

14-The students has the chance of resitting an exam in any session.

15- If a student wasn’t satisfied by the grades. Services such as remarking, rechecking and requesting a copy of your answer sheets are available.

16- The evaluation papers are all collected and sent to the examination board premises. Then evaluated by highly spechialised , qualified teachers hired by the boards of examination.

17- The papers are graded rather than scored (where A* is the highest, U is the lowest). The grade boundaries are set in accordance to the difficulty of the exam.

18- Mark-schemes are not set according to one model answer however, in concert with countless phrases, expressions;…etc. stating the same facts.

19- Examinations regulations and supervision are organized under the authority of the British Council. To ensure the smooth passage of examinations in comfortable venues.

20- Copious procedures are taken to help students with visual impairment, dullness of hearing;.. etc or suffering from mental illness such as ADHD.

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