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Art and Design – CIE (0400)

By stimulating imagination, sensitivity and conceptual thinking, powers of observation and analytical ability, this syllabus is aimed at encouraging students’ personal response. Students will develop the confidence and enthusiasm to express themselves as they learn technical skills in two and three dimensional format and composition. This syllabus provides a good foundation for further studies in the field and an appreciation of the role played by visual arts in history and society from broadening cultural horizons to individual experience.igcse-art-and-design-exemplar

The syllabus covers various areas of study such as painting, three-dimensional studies, photography, textile design, and graphic communication. Students can choose any media to respond to any component. Candidates are expected to take two components listed in the syllabus: Component 1 and one of Components 2, 3, or 4. Each component weighs 50% of the total grade. For some components, there is a controlled test which is eight hours long. For more details on the components, please take a look at the syllabus.

Candidates are able to sit for these exams during June and November examination sessions.

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