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Mathematics CIE (0580)

Mathematics (0580)

Students will be able to develop their mathematical knowledge as an important life skill, and form a good foundation for further studies. Students’ confidence in dealing with numbers, patterns and relationships, and places is developed through this syllabus with strong emphasis on solving problems, presenting, and interpreting results. Students also understand how to communicate and reason using mathematical concepts.9781444191707

All candidates are expected to sit for 2 papers: Paper 2, and 4 that focus on the extended curriculum. Paper 2 consists of short-answer questions and is worth 35% of the total grade. Paper 4 consists of structured questions and is worth 65% of the total grade. Candidates are allowed electronic calculators but not Algebraic or graphical calculators.

Candidates are able to sit for these exams during June and November examination sessions.

The syllabus


You can order the course book through The IG Club bookshop. Just click here for more information.


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