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Physics CIE (0625)

Physics (0625)

Like Biology and Chemistry, this syllabus is designed to help students understand the development of the technological world as well as ignite their interests in science and scientific developments. By combining theoretical and practical studies, students learn and understand the basic principles of physics. It also helps lay down the foundations of scientific thinking and skills that are crucial for further study at Cambridge International A Level. download

All candidates must sit for three papers. Students normally sit for papers 1, 4, and 6. Paper 1 is a multiple choice paper with 40 questions and 4 options to choose from. Questions in this paper are focused on the Core syllabus and weighs 30% of the total grade. Paper 4 is a written paper with short-answer and structured questions, this paper focuses on the Extended syllabus content and is worth 50% of the total grade. Paper 6 tests the experimental skills of the candidate and weighs 20% of the total grade.

Candidates are able to sit for these exams during June and November examination sessions.

The syllabus


You can order the course book through The IG Club bookshop. Just click here for more information.

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