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Advanced level Physics (9702)

Physics (9702)

This syllabus builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at the IGCSE level. It includes theoretical concepts which are crucial to the study of the subject. The syllabus also touches on the applications of physics, it also places a strong emphasis on practical skills.  Creative and critical thinking are skills that students learn throughout the course.

Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics is ideal for students who wish to study biology or a wide variety of related subjects at university or to follow a career in science.9781471809217

The syllabus can be split into AS and A2 Levels. Students are able to study AS level only without A2 Level.

Students are expected to sit for 3 papers if they wish to take the AS Level of the syllabus. If students wish to study the subject as a full A Level, they are expected to sit for two more papers. Paper 1 is a multiple choice paper composed of 40 questions with four options for the candidate to choose the correct answer. This paper is based on the AS Level syllabus content. Paper 2 is a structured questions paper that is also based on the AS Level syllabus content. Paper 3 is a practical paper where the students are expected to carry out an experiment under timed conditions. This paper will consist of two to three experiments from different areas of the AS Level syllabus. Paper 4 is another structured questions paper based on the A Level section of the syllabus. Paper 5 is another paper based on the practical skills of planning, analysis, and evaluation.

The syllabus


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