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Advanced level Computer Science

Computer Science (9608)

The syllabus for Advanced Level Computer Science is designed to encourage students to develop a more in depth understanding for the fundamental principles of computer science and how computer programs work in a range of contexts.

Students will have the chance to learn about how information is represented, communication and Internet technologies, hardware and software development, and relational database modeling. Students will be able to work and enhance on their computational thinking and problem solving skills as well as develop computer-based solutions using programming languages and algorithms. This syllabus will help students develop a range of skills such as critical, logical, analytical, and creative thinking. 51mEFQgwy0L

Studying Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science will help learners develop a range of skills such as thinking creatively, analytically, logically and critically.

The syllabus can be split into AS and A2 Levels. Students are able to study AS level only without A2 Level.

Students studying for the AS Level of Computer Science, they are expected to sit for two papers. All papers are written papers with short-answer and structured questions. Paper 1 focuses on the fundamentals of the theory. Paper 2 tests fundamental problem-solving and programming skills. As for completing the full A Level, students are expected to sit for two more papers. Paper 3 is also another theoretical paper but on a more advanced level. And so is paper 4, it also focuses on problem-solving and programming skills on a more advanced level.

The syllabus

164756-2016-Computer Science

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