Accounting-All you need to know

By: Sama Ahmed (IGCSE’20)

We have all been at a situation where we can’t decide which 8th OL should we take, right? So, if you’re confused, love to play with numbers and want an interesting, new subject, this is for you!

Why Accounting?

Accounting is a totally different subject from what we’ve been learning for the past few years. It works on your critical thinking and understandability! It makes you see any business from a different perspective and learn the basics! This will be an advantage in your future.

Is an A* achievable?

YES! I mean, an A* comes with hard work and persistence, doesn’t it?!

First, you have to love the subject and keep an open mind (and heart) for it so that you could be able to understand the subject from A to Z and to study it without it feeling like a burden.

Secondly, after each and every lesson, you should SOLVE, sounds cliché, but trust me it works like magic! Accounting is somehow similar to math in solving, you understand the way of solving a question by constantly practicing in your classified or notes!

Thirdly, you should link between the subject and real life situations. For example, Starbucks, the coffee place we can’t get enough of, we all know they make tons of sale each day, but have you ever thought deeper? You can imagine each and every transaction being written down in a journal then all are collected in a larger one! This way, you’ll get used to the subject and understand it in a unique & different way (WINK!)

Last but not least, never stress out! Whenever you’re solving, keep a clear mind and a wide imagination then everything will go as smooth as silk! You should definitely apply this to all of your subjects. Take this advice from a fellow IG student.

Tying up loose ends, accounting is an amazing and interesting subject which with hard work and determination you’ll definitely get that A* you want!

I hope this was fun, short and beneficial & may the odds be in your favor!


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