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After Cambridge Announcement, Should we resit?

Cambridge International has announced that the students will be rewarded as their predicted grades and the student who received grades higher than their predicted grades will not be downgraded.Now, the question is do I need to resit any subject in October/November session?

The Answer is: The student is the best one to decide, so how can you decide if you need to resit any subject or not?The Following points will help you to decide:

  • Are you going to enter public university or private university? Public universities requires higher scores than private universities especially in Medical and Engineering majors.
  • Which major are you interested in as majors like Medicine, dentistry & Engineering requires high score.
  • The score required to enter the major in the university you want
  • For private universities, do you want to receive a discount or not?If yes, you need to have high score in order to be in category A and receive the discount.
  • There’s also a discount offered by Cambridge for any student who is going to resit a subject in October/November 2020
  • When you resit with the same teacher, some teachers give you discount or the resit is for free.

These points will help you in evaluating the situation. We wish you all the best of luck.


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