IGCSE Results

Cambridge Results – June 2020

Cambridge has announced that results for IGCSE and ALevel subjects will be released on Tuesday 11 August 2020 at 7 AM Cairo Time.

Results will be released to schools and to students on candidate results website https://myresults.cie.org.uk/

Frequently Asked Questions

How were my grades produced?

Your school has provided Cambridge with predicted grades and ranking for students in each subject. Cambridge has used previously collected data about your school related to it’s performance across the previous years (June 2017, June 2018 and June 2019) and statistical standardisation will be done to make sure that the school results of June 2020 matches with it’s previous records.

Can this affect me as a student?

Sure it might affect you, however be sure that your ranking remains the same. which means that it’s not possible that another student who worked less can achieve more. All students might have their grades lowered or go up depending on the statistical standardisation process.

I have registered in a new school ( no history), how would my grades be standardised?

Your school grades will be standardised based on the international statistics.

What if I did not get the results I consider matching with my effort and expectations?


  • Post-results check service 1: A review of the judgements made in the statistical standardisation of syllabuses assessed for the first time at this level in the June 2020 exam series, including a check that the statistical standardisation calculation has been applied correctly, and a report.
  • Post-results check service 2: Where a centre has a non-standard exam entry profile, as a consequence of a changed entry policy, you can ask us to review the way we have calculated candidates’ grades. This service includes a check that the statistical standardisation calculation has been applied correctly.
  • Post-results check service 3: A check that the statistical standardisation calculation has been applied correctly.

The deadline for applying for post-results checks is 20 September 2020.

I am a year 12 graduating student and I did not get the result I was expecting?

Unfortunately you will not be able to catchup with September 2020 intake to universities using the results after modification (if modified).

Appeals made by schools will get a reply from Cambridge International within 21 days of appeal submission. Schools will be informed about the appeal result which might be successful, partially successful of unsuccessful.

I am a year 10 or 11 student and I believe my result does not reflect my effort?

Discuss with your teachers your grade and ask for their recommendation. If they believe that you deserved a higher grade then you will be processing an appeal through your school.

Do I have time space between appeal results and late entry registration for November 2020?

Most probably not, so if you are going to take your chance with the appeal you will have to register in June 2021 session or you can register for November 2020 and withdraw your registration if the grade was changed.

On the behalf of The IG Club we wish you all the best of luck


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