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As we have mentioned before, we have more than 270 partners in 27 countries
including Canada

Why would you study in Canada?

  •  You’re going to study in a country where its residents speak English
  •  You can have a future in this country, after you finish your degree, you can work
    there and after several years, you can apply for your residency and live in

Why would you study at one of The IG Club partner universities in Canada?

  • High ranking universities, our universities in Canada have a ranking between the
    best 250-350 universities around the world.
  •  Wide range of majors including Engineering, Business, Science majors, Arts
    majors and Food science and much more.
  •  One of our universities has a very affordable option for lower living expenses
    They can apply for foundation year even if they have only 3 IGCSE academic

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If you think you are interested in studying abroad you can take benefit of our free
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