Comparison of Engineering Major in different private universities in terms of fees

Kindly note that most of these fees are according to 2019/2020 academic year, so it’s subject to increase.

If you want to know any further details about any university mentioned, click on the name of the university.



AASTCategory A: 3,975 $(44350EGP)

Category B:5,055$(56400 EGP)

Category C:5,775$(64400EGP)

*Categories differ according to the students’ score

According to 2019/2020, dollar rate=11.15

  • Alexandria
  • Cairo (Smart Village – Heliopolis – Dokki)
  • New Alamain City
  • Portsaid
  • South Valley


BUE124,000 EGPEl Sherouk
Universities of Canada(University of Prince Edward Island)470C$ per credit

16,568C$+1100C$ Lab fees= 17,668C$(Around 213,000 EGP)

New Capital
Coventry University£12,873-£13,873(Around 266,200-287,000)New Capital
AUC647$ per credit hours

Usually Engineering is 30-35 credit hours, so fees: 19,410$-22,645$(310,560EGP-362,320EGP)

*If paid in EGP, the exchange rate depends on rate of dollar at CIB on day of payment

5th Settlement
FUE50,500EGP5th Settlement
Nile UniversityCategory A:60,160EGP

Category B:67,680EGP

Category C:75,200EGP

*Subsequent years according to GPA:

– 4: Merit Scholarship(Full Scholarship)

– 3.8 and less than 4: 45,120EGP

– 3.5 and less than 3.8: 60,160EGP

– Below 3.5: 75,200EGP



Sheikh Zayed
French University in Egypt60,000EGPEl Sherouk
GUCCategory A: 3,715EUR Or 68,350EGP/ Semester=7,430EUR Or 136,700EGP

Category B: 4,375 EUR Or 80,700EGP/Semester=8,750EUR Or 161,400 EGP

Category C: 5,050EUROr 92,350EGP/Semester=10,100EUR Or 184,700EGP

5th Settlement
University of Hertfordshire195,000EGPNew Capital
Zewail University4,180 EGP per credit hour

Fees per year : Around 135000EGP

6th of October
MSA78,000EGP6th of October
MUST35,000EGP6th of October
Pharos University in Alexandria42,000EGPAlexandria
GIUCategory A:68,000/Semester(Total:136,000)

Category B:78,750/Semester(Total:157,500)

New Capital
Ahram Canadian University40,000EGP6th October
Ain Shams(Credit hour System)Around 50,000EGP+£600=62,500EGPAbbasia
Cairo University (Credit hour system)Credit hour:1,300EGP

Administration fees:10%

Total around:54,720EGP


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