Engineering- CU: Transfers to CHS

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On the 30th of September 2015 Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University has announced a list of accepted students to transfer from other faculties of engineering at other public universities to join the freshmen year at Credit Hours System – Faculty of Engineering.

With a significant decrease of number of accepted students than any other year, the university has only accepted 41 IGCSE students among 60 which is a remarkable percentage however this didn’t satisfy many students and parents who expected joining CUFE this year.

Selecting students to join CHS in CUFE was on the bases of the highest 41 students in grades applied for joining CHS and the names and the grades were announced in a very integrity, where the least score taken to join the CHS programme was 400.8 out of 410


However many parents and students remain now with no clue with what to do as they had their university through tansik in a very far places and they did not reserve any place in private universities.


List of names accepted: Click here

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