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Study in Europe

As we mentioned before, we have more than 270 partners in 27 countries. We have many
universities in Europe including:

  • France
  •  Italy
  •  Hungary
  •  Netherlands
  •  Poland
  •  Portugal
  •  Spain

Why would you study in Europe?

  •  Learning a new a language
  •  Tuition fees are lower than other countries like USA & Australia
  •  Mixing between receiving proper education and enjoying the culture, museums,
    historical areas of the country
  •  As countries in Europe are somehow close to eachother, you’ll be able to travel to
    different countries

Why would you study in one of the IG Club partner universities?

  • You’ll study in English
  •  Wide range of majors especially Business majors like economics, marketing , finance,
    accounting, etc. and other majors like Engineering, Graphic Design, Animation,etc
    We have top ranked universities including universities of the best 150 universities
    around the world
  •  You can study in Europe starting with a budget of 4000 EUR for tuition fees
    Some of our universities have several campuses in different European countries so you
    can study a semester in different European country.

Skema Business School (Fees & Reviews): FranceEU Business School Mission Statement, Employees and Hiring | LinkedInUniversity of TwenteIstituto Europeo di Design (IED) | Education Basket

If you think you are interested in studying abroad you can take benefit of our free
advising sessions by filling this application form and we will contact you within a week
after registration to arrange a meeting.


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